Schumann, Robert; Ferguson, Howard: Phantasiestucke, Op. 12


Schumann’s Phantasiestucke has been published as part of ABRSM’s ‘Signature’ Series – a series of authoritative performing editions of standard keyboard works, prepared from original sources by leading scholars. Includes informative introductions and performance notes.

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(cancelled ninth piece), Op. 12 (Appendix) No. 9 [Robert Schumann]; At Evening (Des Abends), Op. 12 (Book 1) No. 1 [Robert Schumann]; End of the Song (Ende vom Lied), Op. 12 (Book 2) No. 8 [Robert Schumann]; Fable (Fabel), Op. 12 (Book 2) No. 6 [Robert Schumann]; In the Night (In der Nacht), Op. 12 (Book 2) No. 5 [Robert Schumann]; Restless Dreams (Traumes-Wirren), Op. 12 (Book 2) No. 7 [Robert Schumann]; Soaring (Aufschwung), Op. 12 (Book 1) No. 2 [Robert Schumann]; Whims (Grillen), Op. 12 (Book 1) No. 4 [Robert Schumann]; Why? (Warum?), Op. 12 (Book 1) No. 3 [Robert Schumann]

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Howard, Robert; Ferguson, Schumann

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