Schumann, Robert; Ferguson, Howard: For Younger People Part I of Album for the Young, Op.68


Schumann composed his Album for the Young in 1848. When the work was first published, it was divided into two parts: ‘fur Kleinere’ (for younger people) and ‘fur Erwachsenere’ (for older people). This edition contains the first part (easy to moderately difficult). The complete Album for the Young, containing both parts, is also published by ABRSM.

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A Chorale (Ein Choral), Op. 68 No. 4 [Robert Schumann]; A Little Study (Kleine Studie), Op. 68 No. 14 [Robert Schumann]; First Loss (Erster Verlust), Op. 68 No. 16 [Robert Schumann]; Folksong (Volksliedchen), Op. 68 No. 9 [Robert Schumann]; Humming Song (Trailerliedchen), Op. 68 No. 3 [Robert Schumann]; Huntsman’s Song (Jagerliedchen), Op.68 No. 7 [Robert Schumann]; Knight Rupert (Knecht Ruprecht), Op. 68 No. 12 [Robert Schumann]; Little Dawn-Wanderer (Kleiner Morgenwanderer), Op. 68 No. 17 [Robert Schumann]; Little Piece (Stuckchen), Op. 68 No. 5 [Robert Schumann]; May, lovely May (Mai, lieber Mai), Op. 68 No. 13 [Robert Schumann]; Melodie: No. 1 from Album fur die Jugend, Op. 68 [Robert Schumann]; Reaper’s Song (Schnitterliedchen), Op. 68 No. 18 [Robert Schumann]; Siciliano (Sicilianisch), Op. 68 No. 11 [Robert Schumann]; Soldiers’ March from Album for the Young, Op. 68 No. 2 [Robert Schumann]; Spring Song (Fruhlingsgesang), Op. 68 No. 15 [Robert Schumann]; The Merry Peasant (Frohlicher Landmann), Op. 68 No. 10 [Robert Schumann]; The Poor Orphan (Armes Waisenkind), Op. 68 No. 6 [Robert Schumann]; The Wild Horseman (Wilder Reiter), Op. 68 No. 8 [Robert Schumann]

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Howard, Robert; Ferguson, Schumann

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