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Satie, Eric: Nine Children’s Pieces (Menus Propos Enfantins, Enfantillages Pittoresques, Peccadilles Importunes)


This album brings together three groups of pieces, all written in 1913 by the eccentric French composer, Erik Satie. They are ingeniously devised to make full and basic use of the five fingers of each hand and display the characteristic simplicity of Satie’s music and, in the text sprinkled across the music, his quirky humour.

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Berceuse (Lullaby): No. 2 from ‘Enfantillages Pittoresques’ [Eric Satie]; What the Little Princess Tulip Says (No. 2 from Menus propos enfantins) [Eric Satie]; Etre jaloux de son camarade qui a une grosse tete (Being jealous of a playmate): No. 1 from ‘Peccadilles Importunes’ [Eric Satie]; Le chant guerrier du Roi des Haricots (The War Song of King Haricot): No. 1 from ‘Menus Propos Enfantines’ [Eric Satie]; Lui manger sa tartine (Eating someone else’s bread and jam): No. 2 from ‘Peccadilles Importunes’ [Eric Satie]; Marche du Grand Escalier (March of the Grand Staircase): No. 3 from ‘Enfantillages Pittoresques’ [Eric Satie]; Petit Prelude a la journee (Little Overture to the Day): No. 1 from ‘Enfantillages Pittoresques’ [Eric Satie]; Profiter de ce qu’il a des cors aux pieds pour lui prendre son cerceau: No. 3 from ‘Peccadilles Importunes’ Tiresome Prank No. 3 [Eric Satie]; Valse du Chocolat aux Amandes (Chocolate-Almond Waltz): No. 3 from ‘Menus Propos Enfantines’ [Eric Satie]

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