Haughton, Alan: Rhythm and Rag (16 pieces in various popular styles)


This album was the first to be published in Alan Haughton’s Rhythm and Rag series (see EPP84, and Rhythm and Rag for Trumpet and Clarinet). A superb collection of simple and tuneful pieces in various jazz styles, young pianists will love the bluesy ‘Boogie on Down’, the lovely ballad tune of ‘Stephanie’s Song’ and the cheerful ‘Rainy Day Rag’.

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All Alone: No. 14 [Alan Haughton]; Blue Note: No. 4 Blue Note (No. 4 from Rhythm and Rag) [Alan Haughton]; Boogie on down: No. 2 [Alan Haughton]; Carolyn’s Song: No. 6 [Alan Haughton]; Evening Song: No. 12 [Alan Haughton]; Fanfare: No. 11 [Alan Haughton]; Freeway: No. 1 from Rhythm and Rag [Alan Haughton]; Going Home: No. 7 [Alan Haughton]; Lazy: No. 5 [Alan Haughton]; On the Run: No. 8 [Alan Haughton]; Rainy Day Rag: No. 15 [Alan Haughton]; Stephanie’s Song: No. 10 [Alan Haughton]; Toccata: No. 9 [Alan Haughton]; Wagontrain Blues: No. 3 [Alan Haughton]; You and Me: No. 16 [Alan Haughton]; 2D: No. 13 [Alan Haughton]

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ABRSM Publishing

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Alan, Haughton

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