Alwyn, William: Odd Moments, April Morn & Hunter’s Moon


William Alwyn (1905-1985) was an English composer most noted for his five symphonies and over sixty film scores. The three piano collections in this album contain some delightful and colourful character pieces. Particularly well written for young players, they provide useful repertoire for the development and extension of the pianist’s technique.

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All Forlorn: No. 1 from ‘Odd Moments’ [William Alwyn]; April Shower: No. 2 from ‘April Morn’ [William Alwyn]; Bluebells: No. 3 from ‘April Morn’ [William Alwyn]; Chattering: No. 2 from ‘Odd Moments’ [William Alwyn]; Light-Foot: No. 3 from ‘Odd Moments’ [William Alwyn]; Midsummer Magic: No. 1 from ‘Hunter’s Moon’ [William Alwyn]; On the Heath: No. 4 from ‘Odd Moments’ [William Alwyn]; Ride by Night: No. 3 from ‘Hunter’s Moon’ [William Alwyn]; The Darkening Wood: No. 2 from ‘Hunter’s Moon’ [William Alwyn]; The Lost Lamb: No. 1 from ‘April Morn’ [William Alwyn]; Violets: No. 4 from ‘April Morn’ [William Alwyn]

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Alwyn, William

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