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Theory is Fun Grade 3

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The Theory is Fun series

Maureen Cox presents the theory of music in a step-by-step, straightforward way that is full of fun without being frivolous. This book is for anyone who wants to have fun learning the theory of music.


Dictionary Of Musical Terms
Four-bar Rhythms
General Questions
Grouping Of Notes
Grouping Of Rests
Human Nature (Michael Jackson)
Ledger Lines
List Of Signs
Major Scales
Minor Scales
Note Values
Progress Chart
Simple Time Signatures
Tonic Triads
Transposition At The Octave

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Price £2.95
AuthorMaureen Cox
CategoriesPrimary School Theory
PublisherSubject Publications
SeriesTheory is Fun
Difficulty level3
ISBN 978-1-898771-00-5
ISBN-10 1-898771-00-6
EAN-13 9781898771005
Weight 124 grams
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