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Piano Time 3 (New edition)

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The Piano Time series

Piano Time is a hugely successful series for all young beginners, from the very first lesson up to around Grade 3. With a complete range of carefully paced and attractive books - tutors, books of pieces of all kinds, duets, and technique books - Piano Time is a highly enjoyable way to learn the piano.

Piano Time 3 builds on the techniques acquired in Piano Time 1 and 2.

It introduces new keys, semiquavers in various rhythmic patterns, triplets, and a variety of finger-twister exercises.

It also practises the Alberti bass, scales with hands together an the melodic minor scale, and shows players how to plan their own concert.


  • Minuet
  • Goblin dance
  • Oxford rag
  • Sorrow and joy
  • The watermill
  • Walking tall
  • Triplet study
  • Greensleeves
  • Country gardens
  • Echoes
  • Study
  • Dutch dance
  • Rippling stream
  • Signor Alberti's gavotte
  • Steady semiquaver study
  • Summer swing
  • The 4th finger bend
  • The old sailing ship
  • Tortoise and hare
  • Triad trickster
  • Andante cantabile
  • English dance
  • Sailors' hornpipe
  • A cavalry song of the Steppes
  • Ragamuffin
  • Moon on the distant sea
  • Minuet
  • Skye boat song
  • Donkey riding
  • Jamaica farewell
  • Moderato
Cat No. OUP372788
Supplier Code 9780193727885
Price £9.95
ComposersWilhelm Friedemann Bach
Alan Bullard
Carl Czerny
English Folk Song
English Morris Dance
David Farquhar
Cornelius Gurlitt
Pauline Hall
Roman Hoffstetter
James Hook
Lev Knipper
Cedric Lamont
Joan Last
Henry Purcell
Scottish Ballad
Sea Songs
Traditional West Indian
Daniel Gottlob Türk
CategoriesPiano Tutor
Piano Tutors Bestsellers
PublisherOUP - Oxford University Press
SeriesPiano Time
ISBN 978-0-19-372788-5
ISBN-10 0-19-372788-9
EAN-13 9780193727885
Weight 252 grams
Published 15th July 2004
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