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Piano Time 2 (New edition)

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The Piano Time series

Piano Time is a hugely successful series for all young beginners, from the very first lesson up to around Grade 3. With a complete range of carefully paced and attractive books - tutors, books of pieces of all kinds, duets, and technique books - Piano Time is a highly enjoyable way to learn the piano.

Piano Time 2 builds on the techniques acquired in Piano Time 1.

It extends the range of notes and time signatures and including tones and semitones, chords and triads, arpeggios, major and minor scales, and keep-fit exercises for the left hand.

It also introduces simple pedalling, new signs and symbols, and pieces to help players get around the whole keyboard.


  • The little mermaid
  • Ode to joy
  • Melody
  • Bump in the night
  • Clowns
  • Dance of the scaley lizards
  • Festival fanfare
  • On the prowl
  • Bandstand
  • Bicycle ride
  • Catch me if you can
  • Courtly dance
  • Evening stroll
  • Fidgety fingers
  • Frog dance
  • Happy hare
  • Mysterious march
  • Piper in the forest
  • Quite contrary
  • Slithery snake
  • Snow-drifts
  • Stalactites and stalagmites
  • There was an old man with a beard
  • Up hill and down
  • Upside-down echoes
  • Allegretto
  • Beach calypso
  • Drunken sailor keep-fit
  • Far-away bells
  • Lullaby
  • Mexican mix-up
  • On parade
  • Play away
  • Skipping along
  • The moonlit abbey
  • The owl and the pussy-cat
  • Quadrille
  • The entertainer
  • Drunken sailor
  • Spanish melody
  • Jamaican rumba
Cat No. OUP372786
Supplier Code 9780193727861
Price £9.25
ComposersYvonne Adair
Ludwig van Beethoven
Hermann Berens
David Blackwell
Alan Bullard
Anton Diabelli
Pauline Hall
Franz Joseph Haydn
Scott Joplin
Sea Shanty
Traditional Spanish
Traditional West Indian
CategoriesPiano Tutor
Piano Tutors Bestsellers
PublisherOUP - Oxford University Press
SeriesPiano Time
ISBN 978-0-19-372786-1
ISBN-10 0-19-372786-2
EAN-13 9780193727861
Weight 254 grams
Published 22nd July 2004
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