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Todd: Mass in Blue

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Will Todd's Mass in Blue is fast becoming a staple of the choral repertory. A dynamic jazz setting of the Latin Mass, the work features driving grooves and blues harmonies, with provision for short piano solos (notated or improvised) and great moments of musical interplay between soloists and choir. Following 150 performances, the composer has revised the work, making it accessible to a larger number of choirs.

S. solo, SATB, & piano, bass, & drums (& opt. alto sax.)
Duration 37 minutes

Cat No. OUP340050
Supplier Code 9780193400504
Price £11.50
ComposerWill Todd
CategorySatb Mixed Voices & Piano
PublisherOUP - Oxford University Press
ISBN 978-0-19-340050-4
ISBN-10 0-19-340050-2
EAN-13 9780193400504
Weight 275 grams
Published 17th April 2014
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