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Pop Goes the Cello

Cover photograph Price £12.25

Imaginative and entertaining pieces

A variety of contemporary styles, including pop, rock, Latin, and country

Technical challenges such as double stops, syncopated rhythms, harmonics, thumb position, and percussive effects
Useful fingering and bowing suggestions

This fun and innovative collection introduces cellists to a range of pop and rock styles. Building on the trail-blazing approach to cello playing that he developed in Ten American Cello Etudes and Ten International Cello Encores, Aaron Minsky presents the intermediate student with attractive new pieces that explore a number of technical and musical challenges.

Cat No. OUP339938
Supplier Code 9780193399389
Price £12.25
ComposerAaron Minsky
CategoryCello Solo
PublisherOUP - Oxford University Press
Difficulty level4 - 8
ISBN 978-0-19-339938-9
ISBN-10 0-19-339938-5
EAN-13 9780193399389
Weight 115 grams
Published 17th April 2014
Availability In Print