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The Niki Davies Calendar Of Songs - Book & CD

Cover photograph Price £23.95

Includes CD

The Niki Davies Calendar Of Songs

by Niki Davies

Ages: 3-7 years

A fabulous calendar of 20 songs that will keep you singing all year long!

For all those special days that need singing about and for celebrations that make you want to burst into song, Niki Davies has produced a fabulous collection to fit the bill.

From the beginning of the year to the very end, here are 20 adorable songs to be sung on all sorts of different occasions. Celebrate World Poetry Day, Recycle Now Week, World Kindness Day and even April Fool's Day with a song, and put a smile on parents' faces on Mother's Day, Father's Day and many other events that you like to share with them. This is a timeless collection that will keep you singing all year long!

It's A New Year
Dragon Dance
There's A Pancake On The Ceiling!
Can You Think Of A Word?
Have A Day Off, Mum
There's A Bear In The Fridge
It's The London Marathon
Friend To The World
It's Father's Day
It's An Easy Thing To Do
Are You Ready For Some Summer Fun?
In My Book
Thank You For The Harvest
Crunching Through The Leaves
Wear A Poppy Today
Give A Little Smile
Behind The Window
Happy Christmas!

Cat No. OAW-116
Price £23.95
ComposerNiki Davies
CategoriesOut Of The Ark
School Songs
PublisherOut of the Ark Music
ISBN 978-1-906988-37-1
ISBN-10 1-906988-37-4
EAN-13 9781906988371
Weight 390 grams
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