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S!ng™ Together - Book & CD

Cover photograph Price £24.95

Includes CD

S!ng™ Together

by leading children's writers

Ages: 5-11 years

Each book contains ideas and tips on how to get going, a few vocal warm-ups to prepare your voices and a whole mixture of irresistibly singable songs, that include harmonies, and group-singing opportunities! With a song chart giving all the vital information you'll need for each song, it's easy to choose an appropriate song for each occasion, at a glance.


Sing Together
We're So Proud Of Our School
Join The Song
One Little Voice
We're Better Together
Everybody Sing!
Thank You For Our World
The Harmony Blues
The World Around Me
I Love To Sing!
Life Is Just Like A Song
Differences Make Us Unique
A Great Big Change
We Can Work Together
Make This World A Better Place
Sing A Song In Unison
United We Stand (Warm Up)
Ubuntu (Warm Up)
Warm The Brain (Warm Up)

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Price £24.95
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Out Of The Ark
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