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Billy's Band - The Bandstand

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Includes CD

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Billy is the finest, wisest and most whiskery conductor that ever lived. He takes his band to play in all kinds of weird and wonderful locations. Wherever the gig, the band are always faced with some mystery to be solved, or obstacle to overcome. By pulling together and using team-work, they always find a solution to the problem. Each adventure ends with a happy and rousing musical finale.

Through story books, family concerts and school workshops, Billy’s Band will entertain and inspire children to pick up a musical instrument and have a go.

Each book comes with a musical activities CD with special guests – including Simon Callow as Billy, Nicola Benedetti and Phil Cobb.

The Bandstand
The band are booked to play at the Sunnyvale Summer Fair, but it’s Faith’s first ever performance and she’s so nervous she can hardly play. When
disaster strikes in the middle of the concert, Billy needs Faith’s help – but will she find her confidence in time to save the show?


Cat No. NJPW-100
Supplier Code 9780957124400
Price £7.99
AuthorDan Newell
CategoryBooks (general)
PublisherNew Juice Publishing
SeriesBilly's Band
ISBN 978-0-9571244-0-0
ISBN-10 0-9571244-0-6
EAN-13 9780957124400
Weight 225 grams
Published 1st January 2012
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