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Improve your Sight-reading! Trumpet Grades 1-5

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The Improve your Sight-Reading! (Brass) series

Now more than ever, the ability to sight-read fluently is an essential part of the training of musicians of any instrument.

This workbook is designed to help overcome the nerves that accompany sight-reading. Written especially for brass players working for the ABRSM examinations.

Step by step it helps the player to build up a complete picture of each piece, first through rhythmic and melodic exercises related to specific problems, then by the study of a prepared piece with associated questions for the student to answer, and so finally to the real, unprepared sight-reading test itself.

Cat No. FM50989
Supplier Code 0571509894
Price £8.50
ComposersJohn Davies
Paul Harris
CategoryTrumpet Sight-reading
PublisherFaber Music Ltd.
SeriesImprove your Sight-Reading! (Brass)
Difficulty level1 - 5
ISBN 978-0-571-50989-8
ISBN-10 0-571-50989-4
EAN-13 9780571509898
Weight 66 grams
Published 23rd October 1987
Availability In Print