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The Seafaring Fiddler - Violin & CD Only

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Includes CD

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The Fiddler Series - Edward Huws Jones series

A love of folk and traditional music led Edward to compile "Jigs, Reels and Hornpipes" (Boosey & Hawkes) in 1992. The success of this publication has led to a best selling series of publications including Jazz, Blues and Ragtime, The American Fiddler, The Gypsy Fiddler and The Klezmer Fiddler.

For this brand new collection of fiddle tunes from the golden age of sail Edward Huws Jones has researched and compiled an eclectic selection of sea shanties, 'forebitters', jigs, reels, hornpipes, songs and other melodies which were traditionally played as accompaniment to hard labour or times of recreation for sailors at sea.

The Violin edition includes optional easy violin part and guitar chords, whilst the complete edition includes both keyboard and violin accompaniments. Both editions are packaged with a CD containing high quality performance and accompaniment tracks

22 fiddle tunes from the golden age of sail, featuring dance tunes, shanties (work songs), recreational 'forebitters' and composed melodies which give the landlubber's take on the romance of the sea. Edward Huws Jones explains that "during the heyday of sail, the busiest sea-routes of all were the North Atlantic crossings, especially between Liverpool and the American cotton ports; it was the heady mixture of African-American and Irish music which gave birth to the mid-century flowering of the sea shanty. Meanwhile English-speaking vessels were sailing to the Cape, India, Australia and many other far-flung destinations, carrying a two-way traffic of song and dance." The tunes in this collection can all be played as unaccompanied fiddle tunes, which is how they would have been played in the days of sail. But as in other books in the Fiddler series, the flexible format allows a wide variety of different combinations and ensembles. Suitable for intermediate and elementary standard performers.


- Don't you see the ships a-coming?
- The sailors' dance (H. Purcell)
- The Liverpool hornpipe
- The leaving of Liverpool
- We be three poor mariners (T. Ravenscroft)
- Spanish ladies
- South Australia
- Santy Anna
- The new-rigged ship
- The sloop John B
- Litten's hornpipe
- The Greenland whale fishery
- Row well, ye mariners
- The shores of Botany Bay
- Hornpipe (A. Sullivan)
- The tipsy sailor
- Jack Tar
- Farewell, lovely Nancy
- Henry Martin
- The three sea captains
- Portsmouth (H. Playford)
- The quayside

Cat No. BH12951
Price £11.50
Composer Various
ArrangerEdward Huws Jones
CategoryViolin & Piano
PublisherBoosey and Hawkes
SeriesFiddler Series - Edward Huws Jones
EAN-13 4787781540487
ISMN 979-0-060-12951-3
EAN-13 9790060129513
ISBN 978-1-78454-048-7
ISBN-10 1-78454-048-X
EAN-13 9781784540487
Weight 200 grams
Published 10th April 2015
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