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Thumb Position for Cello Book 2 "Thumbs of Steel"

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As with the other books in his ...for Cello series, Rick Mooney has made the learning of a specific technique easier and more enjoyable than ever before.

Book 2 continues where Book 1 left off and includes classical music, folk tunes, and original pieces by Rick Mooney such as "Around the Gypsy Campfire", "Harry the Hirsute Housefly", "Petite Partita" and much more.

As in Book 1, all of the pieces have been arranged as duets, with a second cello part for the teacher (or other students in a group class) to play. 80 pages.

Cat No. ALF0764
Supplier Code 0874877644
Price £12.99
ComposerRick Mooney
CategoriesCello Studies
Cello Tutor
PublisherAlfred Publishing
Series...for Cello (Rick Mooney)
EAN-13 6549790111014
ISBN 978-0-87487-764-9
ISBN-10 0-87487-764-4
EAN-13 9780874877649
Weight 242 grams
Published 28th February 2002
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