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Jazz Trumpet Scales Levels/Grades 1-–5

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• jazz scales will develop the skills required in playing jazz
• introduces patterns characteristic of the idiom, such as modes, the blues scale and the minor pentatonic
• explores these on roots and in key centres commonly found in jazz
• regular and flexible practice of these forms, and using them as the basis for improvisation, will give you fluency and technical control, making your playing sound effortless.

Cat No. AB3323
Supplier Code 9781860963322
Price £7.25
Composer ABRSM
CategoriesTrumpet Scales
Trumpet Exams
PublisherABRSM Publishing Ltd
SeriesABRSM Jazz Trumpet
Difficulty level1 - 5
ISBN 978-1-86096-332-2
ISBN-10 1-86096-332-3
EAN-13 9781860963322
Weight 72 grams
Availability In Print

Reviews attractive and accessible menu of performance pieces. The sound and playing on the CDs is impeccable ... Excellent

Jazz Review Oct 2003