Woof, Rowsby: Thirty Studies of Moderate Difficulty


This book of progressive studies has been transcribed for viola by Margaret Banwell from the violin originals. It offers material of gradually increasing difficulty and musical complexity in the first, second, third, fourth and fifth positions.

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Thirty Studies of Moderate Difficulty (Viola) [Rowsby Woof]; 1. Andante [Rowsby Woof]; 2. Tempo di Valse [Rowsby Woof]; 3. Moderato [Rowsby Woof]; 4. Valse triste [Rowsby Woof]; 5. Moderato [Rowsby Woof]; 6. Trills (Moderato) [Rowsby Woof]; 7. Allegretto [Rowsby Woof]; 8. Lifting the Bow (Moderato) [Rowsby Woof]; 9. Grazioso [Rowsby Woof]; 10. Briskly [Rowsby Woof]; 11. Introducing Harmonics (Allegro) [Rowsby Woof]; 12. Allegretto [Rowsby Woof]; 13. Andante [Rowsby Woof]; 14. 1st and 3rd Positions (Allegro con spirito) [Rowsby Woof]; 15. Andante [Rowsby Woof]; 16. Allegretto [Rowsby Woof]; 17. Allegro agitato [Rowsby Woof]; 18. March (Allegro) [Rowsby Woof]; 19. Allegretto [Rowsby Woof]; 20. Lento [Rowsby Woof]; 21. Barcarolle – 2nd Position (allegretto) [Rowsby Woof]; 22. 2nd Position [Rowsby Woof]; 23. Homage to Bach (Tempo di Gavotta) [Rowsby Woof]; 24. Reverie (Andante) [Rowsby Woof]; 25. Containing shifts from 1st to 2nd Position and back [Rowsby Woof]; 26. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Positions [Rowsby Woof]; 27. 4th Position (introduccing treble clef) (Moderato) [Rowsby Woof]; 28. 4th Position (Vigoroso) [Rowsby Woof]; 29. 5th Position (Moderato) [Rowsby Woof]; 30. Elegy – 5th Position (Andante) [Rowsby Woof]

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Rowsby, Woof

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