Waterman, Fanny : Monkey Puzzles set 2


Monkey Puzzles set 2 is a pack of 12 individual theory papers for the young beginner that follows on from the first. With yet more lively games and puzzles, it will hold the young player’s interest and add to the fun of learning the rudiments of music.

The papers cover all aspects of basic theory including time signatures, rests, sharpened and flattened notes, clefs and note duration. The games aid memory and encourage children to think about what they are learning in the context of play. Although designed as a part of the Me and My Piano Series, this pack would be of use to any young musician beginning to study music theory.

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Left Hand Notes E D C; Slurs And Ties; Right Hand Notes A B C; Quavers And Quaver Rests / 3/8 time; Sharps / G Major; Flats / F Major/ Right Hand D, Left Hand D/Couplets; Dotted Crotchets / Accidentals; Intervals And Chords; Make Your Own Flash Cards; Left Hand Notes B A G/ An Adventure Story; Right Hand Notes E F/ The Musical Ladder

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Fanny, Waterman

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