Spectrum 3 (Piano)


This international volume in the Spectrum series contains twenty-five pieces written by contemporary composers from twenty-five different countries. It demonstrates how the language and tradition of Western classical music have been absorbed and adopted by composers around the world. The pieces in Spectrum 3 range from Grade 3 to Grade 7 standard.

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Distant Song [Peteris Plakidis]; White Light Chorale [Param Vir]; Lavender Field [Karen Tanaka]; n mambo [Javier Alvarez]; Lied im Berg [Detlev Glanert]; Still, Suspended [Sohrab Uduman]; Silent Island [Victoria Borisova-Ollas]; King Lear’s Distant War [Aulis Sallinen]; la pierre magenta [Joyce Beetuan Koh]; Root Position [Gerald Barry]; Apteryx [Lyell Cresswell]; Bergen [Toek Numan]; Earring [Julia Wolfe]; tempo absurdo [Alexandre Lunsqui]; Song for a Penny [Peter Sculthorpe]; Shooting Stars [Poul Ruders]; Yassemi [Faidros Kavallaris / Thomas Chilcot]; Dumia [Naji Hakim]; Fragments distincts, fouillis d’instants [Jean Marc Singier]; Carousel [Sylvie Bodorova]; Yellow Bean Leaves [Julian Yu]; The Anglo Tango [Rodney Sharman]; Zortziko [Ramon Lazkano]; Drymla [Haflidi Hallgrimsson]; Wrist Rock [Kevin Volans]

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Spectrum (ABRSM)


an international collection of 25 pieces for solo piano