Schutt, Eduard; Johnson, Thomas A: Nineteen Romantic Pieces


Eduard Schutt (1856-1933) was born and brought up in St Petersburg but spent most of his working life in Vienna. He composed a great many poetic and melodious miniatures for piano, from which some of the most expressive and colourful have been selected for this album.

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A Child Asleep, Op. 102 No. 2 [Eduard Schutt]; A Journey into the Country, Op. 105 No. 1 [Eduard Schutt]; A Moment of Sadness, Op. 60 No. 7 [Eduard Schutt]; A Mother’s Cares, Op. 105 No. 2 [Eduard Schutt]; A Word of Love, Op. 60 No. 4 [Eduard Schutt]; Album Leaf, Op. 68 No. 1 [Eduard Schutt]; An Idea, Op. 68 No. 2 [Eduard Schutt]; Bluette (A Trifle), Op. 31 No. 1 [Eduard Schutt]; Confession, Op. 30 No. 2 [Eduard Schutt]; Dance Tune, Op. 108 No. 2 [Eduard Schutt]; Elegy [Eduard Schutt]; Evening Stillness, Op. 105 No. 6 [Eduard Schutt]; Friendly Meeting, Op. 103 No. 1 [Eduard Schutt]; In a Gondola, Op. 105 No. 4 [Eduard Schutt]; In the Country, Op. 60 No. 5 [Eduard Schutt]; In the Garden (Im Garten), Op. 108 No. 1 [Eduard Schutt]; Little Cradle Song (Wiegenliedch) op 108 no 3 [Eduard Schutt]; Solitude, Op. 60 No. 8 [Eduard Schutt]; Village Merriment, Op. 105 No. 5 [Eduard Schutt]

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