Salter, Lionel: Easy Going Pieces


Not so much ‘easy-going’ pieces as pieces with a sense of ‘go’! Lionel Salter’s collection provides a set of straightforward, attractive pieces with plenty of rhythmic vitality and spirit for young beginners.

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A Dark Secret: No. 4 [Lionel Salter]; A Ramble: No. 13 [Lionel Salter]; Barcarolle: No. 18 [Lionel Salter]; Bright and Early: No. 7 [Lionel Salter]; Country Dance: No. 8 [Lionel Salter]; Frogs: No. 3 [Lionel Salter]; Happy as Larry: No. 6 [Lionel Salter]; Hopscotch: No. 1 [Lionel Salter]; I’m after you!: No. 5 [Lionel Salter]; Off to Sea: No. 14 [Lionel Salter]; On Edge: No. 20 [Lionel Salter]; Over to you!: No. 2 [Lionel Salter]; Square Dance: No. 15 [Lionel Salter]; Swinging along: No. 19 [Lionel Salter]; The Ogre: No. 17 [Lionel Salter]; The Swing: No. 9 [Lionel Salter]; Unsquare Dance: No. 16 [Lionel Salter]; Up and down: No. 10 [Lionel Salter]; Waltz: No. 11 [Lionel Salter / Thomas Attwood]; With a yo-heave-ho: No. 12 [Lionel Salter]

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Lionel, Salter

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Easier Piano Pieces (ABRSM)


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