Ridout, Alan: A Day in the Country


Twelve easy pieces with simple piano accompaniment. Gathering together a variety of moods and styles from the lovely cantabile movement ‘Whistling to the sky’ to the more energetic ‘Running round a field’, this album’s varied repertoire will have immediate appeal for both pupil and teacher alike and, will provide invaluable teaching material.

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Starting out for a walk [Alan Ridout]; Lingering by the wayside [Alan Ridout]; Up and down hill [Alan Ridout]; Whistling to the sky [Alan Ridout]; Strolling through woods [Alan Ridout]; Stepping out along a road [Alan Ridout]; Resting by a lake [Alan Ridout]; Crossing a bridge [Alan Ridout]; Exploring a stream [Alan Ridout]; Running round a field [Alan Ridout]; Lazing in the sun [Alan Ridout]; Returning home [Alan Ridout]

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ABRSM Publishing

Primary composer/editor/arranger

Alan, Ridout

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for Descant recorder