Music Medals Bronze Recorder Ensemble Pieces


Music Medals Recorder Ensemble Pieces are five volumes of enjoyable and accessible repertoire. Each volume contains original pieces and imaginative arrangements for duets, trios and quartets. Contains fun pieces and arrangements in various styles, ideal for group-teaching material. All pieces selected for ABRSM’s Music Medals.

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Just Teasing [Doris da Costa]; One Sunny Morning [Brian Bonsor]; Up and Down the Stairs [Jane Sebba]; The Chinese Dragon Dreams [Sally Adams]; Lunar Seascape [Sally Adams]; Golden Leaves [Andrew Challinger]; Butterflies [Doris da Costa / Philip Harper]; Just Thinking… [Brian Bonsor]; Lazy Afternoon [Andrew Challinger]; Trot to the Town on a Pinto Pony [Sally Adams]; The Pendulum Swings [Brian Bonsor]; Medieval Medley [David Gordon]; Scotch Mist [Alan Bullard]; Trotting Along [Brian Bonsor]; Running for the Bus [Alan Bullard]; Hoedown [Jonathan Leathwood]; Copycats [Doris da Costa]; The Tyrolean Trolls Trip to Timbuktu [Sally Adams]; Green Flag [Sarah Watts]; Gavotte [Georg Philipp Telemann]

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