Moszkowski, Moritz; Johnson, Thomas A: Thirteen Romantic Pieces


Of Polish origin, Moszkowski was a celebrated pianist and teacher during the last twenty years of the 19th century. Paderewski said of him that his piano music embraced the whole gamut of piano technique and that his works were perfect from a pianistic and pedagogic point of view. This is a selection of some of his easier piano pieces.

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Andante con moto, Op. 91 No. 10 [Moritz Moszkowski]; Bagatelle, Op. 94 No. 7 [Moritz Moszkowski]; Idylle, Op. 94 No. 3 [Moritz Moszkowski]; Impromptu, Op. 77 No. 7 [Moritz Moszkowski]; Inquietude (Restlessness): No. 4 from ‘Pieces Mignonnes’, Op. 77 [Moritz Moszkowski]; Intimite, Op. 77 No. 5 [Moritz Moszkowski]; Melodie, Op. 18 No. 1 [Moritz Moszkowski]; Moderato, Op. 91 No. 8 [Moritz Moszkowski]; Pensee Fugitive, Op. 94 No. 9 [Moritz Moszkowski]; Romance sans Paroles, Op. 77 No. 3 [Moritz Moszkowski]; Serenata, Op. 15 No. 1 [Moritz Moszkowski]; Tristesse, Op. 77 No. 1 [Moritz Moszkowski]; Etude in C , Op. 91 No.11 [Moritz Moszkowski]

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