Mendelssohn, Felix , Rasch, Torsten : Was bedeutet die Bewegung


Was bedeutet die Bewegung… a Mendelssohn song cycle for baritone and strings was premiered in 2012 by the renowned baritone Matthias Goerne. This is no workaday transcription: in addition to skilfully arranging seven Mendelssohn songs for strings and Vocal & Choral, Rasch has created a number of striking interludes to link the songs together. These interludes, written in Rasch’s own post-Romantic Vocal & Choral and containing modern techniques including glissandi and snap-pizzicati, add a whole new dimension to the 25-minute cycle, startlingly revealing its dark undercurrents and psychologies.

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Faber Music



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Felix, Mendelssohn, Rasch, Torsten

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Violin, Cello, Double Bass, Baritone Vocal & Choral