McElheran, Brock: Conducting Technique – For Beginners and Professionals


McElheran believes that an experienced conductor is one in whom detection, diagnosis, and remedy of a problem take place simultaneously. This book gives valuable hints about these three basic conductorial functions from the viewpoint of chorus and orchestra alike. McElheran leads the student toward mastery of the problems at hand, with firmness and gentle humour.

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Foreword; Preface to the third edition; Preface to the revised edition; Preface to the first edition; Inspiration; Other studies; Conducting technique – general; The baton; Odds and ends; Beat patterns – theory; Beat patterns – specific; The left hand; Dynamics, accents, phrasing, tempo, character; Cues; Off-beat cues, accents, and syncopations; Conducting to records; More odds and ends; Starts and stops; Subdivision and ‘merging’; Moulding the music; Fermatas; Ears; Nerves; Thoughts and interpretation; Some rehearsal suggestions; Solos and recitatives; Changing beat units; The avant-garde; The concert; Non-musical chores; On teaching conducting; Additions and amplifications for the third edition; Index

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Brock, McElheran

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