Kinsey, Herbert: Easy Progressive Studies, Set II


These books of studies provide invaluable practice material for the building of technique. They offer useful note-reading practice within the positions indicated, and the second set also examines various bowing techniques.

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Easy Progressive Studies – Set II: 1st and 3rd Positions [Herbert Kinsey]; 1. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Fingers [Herbert Kinsey]; 2. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Fingers [Herbert Kinsey]; 3. The flat 1st Finger [Herbert Kinsey]; 4. Exercise for freedom of bowing movements [Herbert Kinsey]; 5. The sharp 3rd Finger [Herbert Kinsey]; 6. The 4th Finger [Herbert Kinsey]; 7. Exercise for lifting the bow [Herbert Kinsey]; 8. All the Fingers [Herbert Kinsey]; 9. Exercise for Strengthening the Fingers from Easy Progressive Studies, Set II [Herbert Kinsey]; 10. Varied Bowing [Herbert Kinsey]; 11. Detache and Martele Bowing [Herbert Kinsey]; 12. Arpeggio Exercise (set II) [Herbert Kinsey]; 13. Legato crossing of the strings [Herbert Kinsey]; 14. Varied Bowings [Herbert Kinsey]; 15. Chromatic Intervals [Herbert Kinsey]; 16. Third Position throughout [Herbert Kinsey]; 17. Changing position on Open Strings [Herbert Kinsey]; 18. 1st and 3rd Positions – Shifts [Herbert Kinsey]; 19. 1st and 3rd Positions. Introduction to Portamento [Herbert Kinsey]; 20. Third Position throughout [Herbert Kinsey]

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Easy Progressive Studies (ABRSM)


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