Jones, Richard: Baroque Keyboard Pieces, Book I (easy)


A collection of the keyboard music of the period 1600-1750, offering a fairly representative selection of the forms, styles and composers of that period. Provides both scholarly performing editions and sources of enlightenment on performance conventions. Edited by Dr Richard Jones, a leading Bach scholar.

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Duke of York’s March [Anon.]; Menuet in D minor, BWV Anh. 132 [Johann Sebastian Bach]; Ouverture in F (Suite), BWV 820: 3rd and 4th movements, Menuet and Trio [Johann Sebastian Bach]; Ouverture in F (Suite), BWV 820: 6th movement, Gigue [Johann Sebastian Bach]; Prelude and Partita in F, BWV 833: 4th movement, Sarabande [Johann Sebastian Bach]; The Pilgrim [John Barrett]; Air in C [John Blow]; Gavott in C [John Blow]; Saraband in C [John Blow]; Sarabande in F minor [Carl Bohm]; Sarabande in F [Jacques Champion de Chambonnieres]; Aire in C [Jeremiah Clarke]; Premier Air pour la Suite du Trophee, from 21st Ordre, ‘Pieces de Clavecin’, Book 4 [Francois Couperin]; Branle de Basque [Louis Couperin]; Minuet in G minor [William Croft]; Scotch Tune [William Croft]; L’Agreable, from ‘Pieces de Clavecin’, Book 1 [Jean-Francois Dandrieu]; Suite No. 4 in C: 9th movement, Suite de la Rejouissance: Gavotte en Rondeau [Louis-Claude Daquin]; Corrente prima in D minor [Giralomo Frescobaldi]; Menuet in G [Christoph Graupner]; Aire in A [Maurice Greene]; Saraband in G [William Lawes]; Menuet in F, from ‘Pieces de Clavecin’ [Gaspard Le Roux]; Gavotte in C, from ‘Les Pieces de Clavessin’ [Nicolas Lebegue]; The Simerons Dance [Matthew Locke]; Menuet en Rondeau in G minor, from ‘Pieces de Clavecin’, Book 2 [Louis Marchand]; Suite No. 12 in F minor: 4th movement, Sarabande [Johann Mattheson]; Aria in D [Bernardo Pasquini]; Arias in C, C and G (3) [Bernardo Pasquini]; Menuet I & II (BWV Anh. 114 & 115) [Christian Petzold]; A New Irish Tune, Z. 646 [Henry Purcell]; Hornpipe in B flat, Z. T683 [Henry Purcell]; Jig in G minor, Z. T686 [Henry Purcell]; Prelude in C for the fingering [Henry Purcell]; Menuet en Rondeau in C, from ‘Pieces de Clavecin’ 1724 rev. 1731 [Jean-Philippe Rameau]; Ayre in C [Benjamin Rogers]; Aria in G, from ‘Der getreue Music-Meister’ [Georg Philipp Telemann]; Fantasia in A minor, 3rd Dozen, No. 8: 2nd movement, Minuetto [Georg Philipp Telemann]; Fantasia in D, Third Dozen, No. 10: 2nd movement, Dolce in D minor [Georg Philipp Telemann]; Fantasia in F minor, First Dozen, No. 4: 2nd movement, Dolce in G [Georg Philipp Telemann]; Gigue a l’Anglaise, from ‘Der getreue Music-Meister’ [Georg Philipp Telemann]; Bourree: Ouverture in F, BWV 820, fifth movement [Johann Sebastian Bach]; Saraband in A minor [Albertus Bryne]; Gavotte in G, HWV 491 [George Frideric Handel]; Minuet in G, from Partita in G, HWV 450 [George Frideric Handel]; Alman in G [Matthew Locke]; Song Tune in C, Z. T694 [Henry Purcell / Siavash Beizai]; Menuet in A minor, from ‘Premier Livre de Pieces de Clavecin’ [Jean-Philippe Rameau]; Sonata in C minor, Kp. 40, L. 357 (Minuetto) [Domenico Scarlatti]; Impertinence, HWV 494 [George Frideric Handel]; Minuet in A minor, Z. 649 [Henry Purcell]; Suite No. 1 in G, Z. 660: 1st movement, Prelude [Henry Purcell]; Sonata in D minor, Kp. 34, L. S7 (Minuetto/Larghetto) [Domenico Scarlatti]; Sonatina in G, HWV 582 [George Frideric Handel]; The Prince of Denmark’s March: Round O [Jeremiah Clarke]

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Baroque Keyboard Pieces (ABRSM)