Hummel, Johann Nepomuk; Roberts, Timothy: Sixteen Short Pieces


An outstanding Austrian contemporary of Beethoven, Johann Nepomuk Hummel (1778-1837) was renowned throughout Europe as a virtuoso pianist with a phenomenal technique. This collection of attractive and poetic miniatures, taken in part from his celebrated tutor Klavierschule, delights in the Classical style while looking forward to the Romantic era.

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Alla Polacca in Bb: No. 53 from ‘Klavierschule’ [Johann Nepomuk Hummel]; Allegretto in C: No. 50 from ‘Klavierschule’ [Johann Nepomuk Hummel]; Allegretto in D: No. 47 from ‘Klavierschule’ [Johann Nepomuk Hummel]; Allegretto in F: No. 46 from ‘Klavierschule’ [Johann Nepomuk Hummel]; Allegretto in G: No. 48 from ‘Klavierschule’ [Johann Nepomuk Hummel]; Allegro in C (No. 2 from Six pieces tres faciles, Op. 52) [Johann Nepomuk Hummel]; Allegro in F: No. 56 from ‘Klavierschule’ [Johann Nepomuk Hummel]; Andante in D: No. 26 from ‘Klavierschule’ [Johann Nepomuk Hummel]; Andantino in Ab: No. 57 from ‘Klavierschule’ [Johann Nepomuk Hummel]; Gigue in D: No. 40 from ‘Klavierschule’ [Johann Nepomuk Hummel]; Romance in G, Op. 52 No. 4 [Johann Nepomuk Hummel]; Rondo in C, Op. 52 No. 6 [Johann Nepomuk Hummel]; Rondo in F: No. 51 from ‘Klavierschule’ [Johann Nepomuk Hummel]; Scherzo in A: No. 45 from ‘Answeisung zum Piano-forte Spiel” [Johann Nepomuk Hummel]; Tempo di Menuetto in C, Op. 52 No. 3 [Johann Nepomuk Hummel]; To Alexis: No. 59 from ‘Klavierschule’ [Johann Nepomuk Hummel]

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Hummel, Johann Nepomuk; Roberts, Timothy

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