Heller, Stephen; Alexander, Arthur: 23 Miscellaneous Pieces


The compositions of Stephen Heller (1813-1885), a prolific composer of music for piano, were known for their musical interest and touches of charming ingenuity. His popular studies, twenty-three of which are gathered together in this easy to moderate collection, were no exception and are small masterpieces of phrasing, colour and rhythm.

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Album Leaf, Op. 83 No. 4 [Stephen Heller]; Canzonetta in G, Op. 16 No. 3 [Stephen Heller]; Do not forget me, Op. 138 No. 15 [Stephen Heller]; Dream Pictures, Op. 74 No. 3 [Stephen Heller]; Gipsy Dance (Zigeuner), Op. 136 No. 19 [Stephen Heller]; Oberon’s Horn Call, Op. 138 No. 22 [Stephen Heller]; Prelude in Ab, Op. 81 No. 17 [Stephen Heller]; Prelude in B minor, Op. 119 No. 10 [Stephen Heller]; Prelude in C, Op. 119 No. 1 [Stephen Heller]; Prelude in C, Op. 119 No. 2 [Stephen Heller]; Prelude in C, Op. 119 No. 28 [Stephen Heller]; Prelude in E minor, Op. 119 No. 9 [Stephen Heller]; Prelude in E, Op. 119 No. 14 [Stephen Heller]; Prelude in F minor, Op. 119 No. 30 [Stephen Heller]; Prelude in F sharp minor, Op. 119 No. 12 [Stephen Heller]; Prelude in G, Op. 119 No. 19 [Stephen Heller]; Prelude in G sharp minor, Op. 81 No. 12 [Stephen Heller]; Scabious, Op. 138 No. 14 [Stephen Heller]; Sleepless Nights (Nuits Blanches), Op. 82 No. 13 [Stephen Heller]; Song Without Words, Op. 120 No. 1 [Stephen Heller]; Waltz in A minor, Op. 97 No. 6 [Stephen Heller]; Waltz in F, Op. 97 No. 1 [Stephen Heller]; Prelude in F, Op. 119 No. 16 [Stephen Heller]

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