Hampton, Andy , Motion, David : Groove Lab


‘Groove Lab’ is a series designed for the development of jazz playing and improvisation skills. While the books are aimed at individual learning, they can be flexible and can also accommodate a large group or class situation. Groove Lab is ideal for teaching children with basic musical understanding the art of improvisation and some jazz technique. This book for keyboard with CD backing will give young keyboard players the chance to play familiar, popular styles and rhythms at relatively early stage. Books are also available for flute, trumpet, clarinet and alto sax. Each book is accompanied by a CD of backing tracks.

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Amsterdam (Motion); Brick Lane (Motion); Deep Cover (Motion); Didgeri Blues (Hampton); Left For Swindon (Hampton); Marimba Heaven (Hampton); Overload (Motion); Soho (Motion); Wot’s The Buzz? (Hampton); Yer Dinner’s In The Dog (Hampton)

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Andy, David, Hampton, Motion

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