Gruber, Josef , Harewood, Marion (Editor), Waterman, Fanny (Editor): Two at the Piano


Two at the Piano presents 50 duets for beginner pianists by composer Josef Gruber, and is part of the Waterman/Harewood Piano Series, devised jointly by the world famous piano teacher Dame Fanny Waterman and her co-founder of the Leeds International Piano Competition, Marion Harewood (now Thorpe). It is established as one of the foremost piano methods and represents a distillation of the thoroughness, inspiration and sense of adventure that characterize Dame Fanny Waterman’s own teaching methods. The excellence of the musical material and attractive presentation have won universal acclaim.

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A Sad Memory; A Short Story; A Song Is Good Company; Andante – Symphony No.94 ‘The Surprise’ (Haydn, Franz Joseph); At The Blacksmith; Bubbling Over; By The Stream; Carefree; Climbing Up; Come And Play With Me; Coming Home; Country Revels; Evening Song; Flirting; Folksong; Full Of Fun; Gossip; Greetings; Happy And Sad; High Spirits; If I Were A Shepherd; In A Gondola; In A Happy Mood; In Joy And In Sorrow; In The Garden; In The Sulks; Let’s Have A Party; Little John; Mazurka; Mother’s Day; Never Give Up; O To Be Home Again; Saying Goodbye; Song Of The Mermaid From Weber’s Oberon; Speech Is Silver – Silence Is Golden; Springtime; Sunshine; The Hunstmen; The Little Drummer; The Little Horseman; The Lively Rascal; The Showman; The Skylark; The Two Folksingers; Thoughts From The Past; To My Brother; Two At The Piano; Waltz; With Abandon

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Fanny (Editor), Gruber, Harewood, Josef, Marion (Editor), Waterman

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