Gounod, Charles: Funeral March of a Marionette and Other Pieces


The 19th-century French composer Charles Gounod is best known as a composer of operas (including the well-known Faust). This album presents a varied selection of 10 of the few works he composed for piano, beginning with the story-telling ‘Funeral March for a Marionette’, which Gounod later orchestrated.

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Funeral March of a Marionette [Charles Gounod]; La Pervenche (The Periwinkle), Romance sans Paroles [Charles Gounod]; La Veneziana, Barcarolle [Charles Gounod]; Le Bal d’Enfants (Children’s Dance), Valse facile [Charles Gounod]; Le Lierre (Ivy), Romance sans Paroles [Charles Gounod]; Le Soir (The Evening), Romance sans Paroles [Charles Gounod]; Les Pifferari (The Bagpipers), Impromptu [Charles Gounod]; Matinee de Mai (May Morning) [Charles Gounod]; Musette in A minor, Impromptu [Charles Gounod]; Prelude in C minor [Charles Gounod]

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Charles, Gounod

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