Gliere, Reinhold; Johnson, Thomas A: Twelve Sketches, Op.47


The works of Russian conductor, pianist and composer Reinhold Gliere (1875-1956) were much influenced by 19th-century Russian romantic tradition. These fascinating sketches vary considerably in style, from a serene chorale-like work to an agitato piece full of chromatic detail. Most are gentle romantic works coloured with subtle harmonic touches.

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Sketch in A minor, Op. 47 No. 1 [Reinhold Gliere]; Sketch in A, Op. 47 No. 6 [Reinhold Gliere]; Sketch in Ab, Op. 47 No. 10 [Reinhold Gliere]; Sketch in Bb Op. 47 No. 11 [Reinhold Gliere]; Sketch in D, Op. 47 No. 3 [Reinhold Gliere]; Sketch in D, Op. 47 No. 9 [Reinhold Gliere]; Sketch in D sharp minor, Op. 47 No. 2 [Reinhold Gliere]; Sketch in E, Op. 47 No. 8 [Reinhold Gliere]; Sketch in Eb, Op. 47 No. 4 [Reinhold Gliere]; Sketch in F minor, Op. 47 No. 7 [Reinhold Gliere]; Sketch in F, Op. 47 No. 5 [Reinhold Gliere]; Sketch in F sharp minor, Op. 47 No. 12 [Reinhold Gliere]

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Gliere, Reinhold; Johnson, Thomas A

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