Gade, Niels; Salter, Lionel: Aquarelles and Other Pieces


The 19th-century Danish composer Niels Gade was strongly influenced by Mendelssohn and Schumann, as can be appreciated from the highly romantic pieces in this album. The pieces have been selected from albums published between 1850 and 1880.

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Arabeske in E, Op. 27 No. 3 [Niels Gade]; Boys’ Merry-go-round (Ringeltanz): No. 2 from ‘Children’s Christmas’, Op. 36 [Niels Gade]; Canzonette: No. 3 from ‘Aquarelles’, Op. 19 [Niels Gade]; Capriccio, from ‘Album Leaves’ [Niels Gade]; Elegie: No. 1 from ‘Aquarelles’, Op. 19 [Niels Gade]; Humoreske: No. 4 from ‘Aquarelles’, Op. 19 [Niels Gade]; Intermezzo: No. 1 from ‘Rebus’, Op. 2A [Niels Gade]; Intermezzo: No. 8 from ‘Aquarelles’, Op. 19 [Niels Gade]; Little Girls’ Dance: No. 3 from ‘Children’s Christmas’, Op. 36 [Niels Gade]; Mignon: No. 2 from ‘Fantasy Pieces’, Op. 41 [Niels Gade]; Romanza: No. 4 from ‘New Aquarelles’, Op. 57 [Niels Gade]; Romanza: No. 7 from ‘Aquarelles’, Op. 19 [Niels Gade]; Scherzo: No. 2 from ‘Aquarelles’, Op. 19 [Niels Gade]; Scherzo: No. 2 from ‘Rebus’, Op. 2A [Niels Gade]

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Gade, Lionel, Niels; Salter

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