Finnissy, Michael: Beuk o’Newcassel Sangs


for soprano, clarinet, and piano A Beuk o’Newcassel Sangs is the title of a nineteenth-century folk-song collection. Finnissy uses the folk-song texts, with numerous alterations, as a starting point for this own melodic material. The seven songs evoke a folk quality through the use of heavily decorated modal tunes. Only one line of melody is heard at a time, and the clarinet and piano sustain drones around the vocal part or provide linking material.

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Up the Raw, maw bonny; I thought to marry a parson; Buy broom buzzems; A’ the neet ower an’ ower; As me an’ me marra was gannin’ ta wark; There’s Quayside fer sailors; It’s O but aw ken weel

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Oxford University Press

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Finnissy, Michael

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Soprano, clarinet, piano