Eben, Petr : Hands Together


Hands Together presents 52 Czech folk-tunes arranged for piano by Petr Eben. The book progresses from easy to intermediate level and include fun tunes such as Strike up, fiddlers! and I am a jolly fellow. 

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The cat is crawling down the hole; The girl with the blue eyes; Run, little duck; The rejected lover; The careless shepherdess; O, how it’s raining; On an old Prague bridge; The Podebrady gate; Shepherds, you rascals!; Here comes the postman!; The huntsman and the maidens; Protect me, mother dear!; Roses at the cottage window; Hey geese, come out of the wheat!; O, the scent of roses!; Parting; The squire’s meadow; I have horses, coal-black horses; Have you done the ploughing, son?; The bagpipes sound; Where were you, my Anulienka?; Strike up, fiddlers!; Hushabye, my little angel; The bells of Bechnye; The horses are grazing; Johnny was grazing three oxen; Lament; The moonlight betrayal; Come inside, boys!; The goose-girl in winter; The gosling’s first flight; Johnny’s upset my basket; The blacksmith hammers all night long; Beware of marrying young; Angela, be mine; How happy we used to be!; Our old stove is bust again; Clickety clackety go my hobnails; Where have you been, little cuckoo?; If only he were here!; Dark eyes, go to sleep; Don’t be angry!; Under the oak tree; My sweetheart has forgotten me; I am a jolly fellow; There’s a pear tree in the meadow; The horses await the ploughman; How I love you, Johnny!; Goodnight, my love; Whose are those geese?; I sowed wheat

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Eben, Petr

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