Cook, Wendy (Lyricist), Marsh, Lin : Torchbearers


Told through the eyes of three present-day school girls, Torchbearers is the story of the women who undertook the perilous voyage from the east coast of England to live in New England in the seventeenth century. Sustained only by their Puritan beliefs, they left all that was familiar to follow their husbands to a ‘dark’ land, where they saw themselves bringing the light of their faith to the people who lived there.

Jane Landon tries to reconcile herself to fulfil what the new community of women expects of her, despite doubts raised by her questioning spirit. She learns to respect the Native American Indian ways through befriending her slave who she names Rebecca. But when Jane’s baby dies the community’s prejudice, stirred up by her possessive servant Martha, prompts a witch hunt with terrifying consequences.

Torchbearers, written by Lin Marsh and Wendy Cook is a full length musical written specifically for girls’ Vocal & Chorals.

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History, History; Where Are The Women?; How Will It Be?; Only Took A Penny; And The Ship Sets Sail; A New Tomorrow; Praise Ye The Lord; Always On The Outside; One, Two, Three; Lullaby; Spinning Song; Instrumental: The Napi Myth; What Have I Done?; Rebecca; I Remember; Witch Hunt; Kyama; Punishment; Kyama (Reprise)

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Cook, Lin, Marsh, Wendy (Lyricist)

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Piano, Children's Vocal & Chorals