Cole, William: The Form of Music


A concise guide to musical structures of the tonal era. The text is illustrated with many music examples providing an ideal introduction for music students and performers. It is also invaluable for higher grade practical exams, as it provides key background information on the final aural test, and for higher grade Practical Musicianship.

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Chapter 1 – Introduction [William Cole]; Chapter 2 – Phrase and cadence [William Cole]; Chapter 3 – Simple Binary and ternary Forms [William Cole]; Chapter 4 – Ternary Form and its Simple Extensions – Rondo Form [William Cole]; Chpater 5 – Sonata Form [William Cole]; Chapter 6 – Varied Types of Sonata Form [William Cole]; Chpater 7 – The Complete Sonata [William Cole]; Chapter 8 – The Concerto [William Cole]; Chapter 9 – The Overture [William Cole]; Chapter 10 – The Suite [William Cole]; Chapter 11 – The Early Sonata [William Cole]; Chapter 12 – The Early Contrapuntal Forms [William Cole]; Chapter 13 – Fugue [William Cole]; Chapter 14 – Air with Variations [William Cole]; Chapter 15 – Later Trends [William Cole]; Index of references to the historical Anthology of Music [William Cole]; Index of composers and compositions [William Cole]; Index of music examples [William Cole]; Glossary Index [William Cole]

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