Arnold, Malcolm : Symphony for Brass


Malcolm Arnold is well known to brass players as a composer of often extrovert sounding music especially suited to the bright colours obtainable from brass instruments. This Symphony, written in 1978 for the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble, is in four movements. Over 25 minutes the music explores a wide range of moods from brilliant and brash to wistful, culminating in a vigorous double fugue, both fearsomely difficult to play and exciting to listen to.

“. . .a serious and substantial work. . .The slow movement, based on a dramatic unison, reminds us that Berlioz is one of Arnold’s favourite composers. With the art that conceals art, Arnold makes us forget the limitations of the medium, and exploits these players’ particular skills in ways that make it seem as though the skills must have been acquired to do justice to the piece.”
The Guardian (Hugo Cole), 10 July 1979

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Arnold, Malcolm

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