ABRSM: Original Pianoforte Pieces, Book I


Four volumes of music selected from 60 years of ABRSM’s Piano exams featuring music from the 20th century.

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A Holiday Tune [Basil C Allchin]; A Swing Song [Basil C Allchin]; A Windfall of Apples [William Alwyn]; The Pear Tree is Laden with Fruit [William Alwyn]; Dance of the Toads [Lesley Bamford]; Distant Bells [Lesley Bamford]; Night March [Lesley Bamford]; The Bassoon Player [Lesley Bamford]; Prelude in F [Jean Cavet]; Cheerful Sparrows [Jessie Furze]; Falling Leaves [Jessie Furze]; Robin Redbreast [Jessie Furze]; The Drummer Boy [Jessie Furze]; On the River [William H Harris]; Upstairs and Downstairs [William H Harris]; The Quiet Wood [Michael Head]; An Argument [Dorothy Howell]; Mill-wheel Slowly Turning [Dorothy Howell]; Rain [E. Markham Lee]; The Bonnie Briar Bush [E. Markham Lee]; A Little Old Dance [Hedwig McEwen]; A Little Story [Felix Swinstead]; Gavotte [Guy Warrack]; Winter-time [Guy Warrack]; A Song of Erin: No. 8 from ‘First Year Pieces’ [Thomas Dunhill]; The Old Windmill: No. 3 from ‘First Year Pieces’ [Thomas Dunhill]; Air: No. 7 from ’12 Easy Pieces’ [George Dyson]; Lullaby: No. 6 from ’12 Easy Pieces’ [George Dyson]; Gliding: No. 12 from ‘Work and Play’ [Felix Swinstead]; The Lonely Road: No. 6 from ‘Work and Play’ [Felix Swinstead]; A Tender Flower [Felix Swinstead]

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Original Pianoforte Pieces (ABRSM)