ABRSM: Music Medals Bronze Violin Ensemble Pieces


Music Medals Violin Ensemble Pieces are five volumes of enjoyable and accessible repertoire. Each volume contains original pieces and imaginative arrangements for duets, trios and quartets. Features fun pieces and arrangements in various styles. All pieces are selected for ABRSM’s Music Medals assessments.

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Stamp Your Feet! [Trad.]; Stick in the Mud [Edward Huws Jones]; Red Hot Chilli Peppers [Mary Cohen]; Saturday Strut [Kathy Blackwell]; Watch Out! Something’s Coming… [Katherine Colledge / Hugh Colledge]; Melting Icicles [Mary Cohen]; Let’s Go! [Katherine Colledge / Hugh Colledge]; Eating Spagheti with a Spoon and Fork [Katie Wearing]; Riding in Tandem [David Stone]; Swingsong [Sheila Nelson]; I’m a Little Monkey [Polly Waterfield]; Summertime on Brownstone Street [Anthony Marks]; A Good Argument [Polly Waterfield]; Mary Denton’s Pavane [Edward Huws Jones]; Square Dance [Trad.]; An Important Announcement [David Stone]; Fais dodo [Trad.]; Villagers’ Dance, Theme from ‘Autumn’ from The Four Seasons, Op. 8 No. 3 [Antonio Vivaldi]; Dreaming [Christine Myers]; Frogs’ Fancy [Sheila Nelson]; On Alert! [Mary Cohen]; Who’s There? [Sheila Nelson]

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