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An essential resource for instrumental and singing teachers who teach pupils in groups. Deals with issues central to group teaching, including group dynamics, lesson planning, monitoring progress, maintaining motivation and teaching mixed ability classes. Examines links between instrumental lessons and the school curriculum.

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The dynamics of group teaching [Brian Ley]; The art of teaching in groups [Brian Ley]; Developing technical skills [Brian Ley]; Developing musical skills [Brian Ley]; Developing ensemble skills [Brian Ley]; Encouraging progress [Brian Ley]; Using music technology [Brian Ley]; Improvising and composing for groups [Joanna Glover]; The psychology of group teaching and learning []; Practice [Carole Jenner-Timms]; Lesson planning for groups [Leo Turner]; Assessment for groups [Leo Turner]; Feedback and reporting for group teachers [Leo Turner]; Business aspects of group teaching [Richard Crozier]; Links with schools [Richard Crozier]; Music Medals: an assessment syllabus for groups [Nigel Scaife]; Introduction [Christopher Hogwood / Jane Glover / Roger Norrington / William Baines / Richard Crozier / Trevor Herbert / Paul Harris / Clara Taylor]

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Teaching music in groups